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Project Description

SP HRMS System is totally unique; it is totally developed on the top of Microsoft SharePoint, which gives our HRMS the full power of the SharePoint functionality in addition to system features. The system using the module methodology (Core HRMS Modules with additional modules), which gives our customers the ability to select the needed module only instead of taking a full HRMS. Each module can work independent; for example our payroll can work with any HRMS as well with our system. SPHRMS is totally support Kuwait Labor Law.

SP-HRMS Features


With “SP HRMS” System you can easily fill or import your employee’s data. “SP HRMS” provides different ways to feed the system with required data such as importing, bulk insertion and updates. Also the system will take care automatically about the historical data and version control. In “SP HRMS” we apply the rule of “Work the Way you Do” so the user can convert the full interface to “Excel Sheet” for more simplicity.


With “SP HRMS” System the customer is totally eligible to customize any part of the product without referring back to the vendor. More than this, the customer can add any new module based on his requirements with different tools available like (SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio and Office InfoPath).


As a response for the need of fast business action, “SP HRMS” System provides the ability to communicate with the system from any place over the world using cross platform technologies such as different web browser or mobile devices.

With our new release, SPHRMS has many new features such as:
  • Complete Employee Self Service
  • Easy Email Approval
  • And many others…
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